Monday, October 16, 2017

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent - Sellers Disclosure


In Real Estate circles the we have a phrase that we emphasize to our sellers.  It is actually very simple.  It is 3 words and they repeat!  DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE.

In reality we live in a litigious world and the best way to protect ourselves is to disclose what defects are aware of when we list our homes for sale.

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of listing a home of a long term client where a family member recently ended his life by hanging.  While, it was very very sad, I had to know if this has to be disclosed to buyers.

The laws vary by state but on NC there is a published document entitled 14 Facts you Do Not Need to Disclose wen selling! You can read the article here.

If you want to learn more about disclosure, please read the article on entitled: Learn These Basic Rules of Seller Disclosure So You Don't Get Sued

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent - Inspections Preparation

Birkdale, Birkdale Village and Huntersville Sellers, Be Prepared for Inspections

Are you thinking of selling your home?  Being prepared for negotiations and setting list price can also involve being prepared for inspection results  I will explain below.  Once the sales price is negotiated the buyer's lender ( if not cash deal ) will have appraisals done and the buyer will have inspections done.  Historically this can be some of the most stressful part of the transaction.   

If you think about it, the buyer highers an inspector to find things wrong.  Even if you feel your home is in fantastic shape, the inspector will find something.  It is inevitable!

There are some things you can do to be prepared.   One thing you have to be cognizant of.   If you know for sure of defects, you need to fix them or you need to disclose them.   This is what the property disclosure is for.  It can have an effect on the sales price.   This is why being proactive on this, as mentioned above, can be an important aspect of the overall process. 

So, what are some things you can do:

Pre-Inspection:  You an have a certified inspector do an inspection.  While it probably not prevent the buyer from doing their own, it can help with knowing about any hidden defects and fixing them.  It can also show the buyer they are buying a sound home!

Windows:  Do windows work correctly.   Are these cloudy that indicates a broken seal?  Inspectors always write these up!

Foundation: Look at the base of the walls and the ceilings in each room. Are there obvious cracks or apparent shifts in the foundation? Do the same around the outside. Are there any trees encroaching on the foundation?
Lot: Does the drainage appear to be away from the house? Are there any obvious soggy areas?  Are gutter down spouts in good shape and funneling water away from home?
Roof: What is the overall condition? When was it last replaced?
Exterior: Does the house look like it will need repairs or repainting soon? Are gutters and downspouts firmly attached? Are there loose boards or dangling wires? 
Attic: How does the interior of the roof structure look? Are there any signs of leaks?
Interior evidence of leaks: Check ceilings and around windows in each room.
Basement: Is there dampness? Adequate insulation? (If there’s a crawlspace instead of a basement, you might want to leave this for the professional home inspection.)  This is an area where inspectors almost always find things.   Is there a vapor barrier in the crawl space.  Does it seem too damp?
Electrical: Do the switches work? Are there any obvious malfunctions? Have the outlets been grounded? Is the panel updated and expandable for additional appliances or a potential remodel?  Are there outlets near sinks etc. that is GFCI protected?
Plumbing: Any unusual noises or malfunctions?  Toilets work right,  no leaks under sinks!
Heating/cooling system: Does it seem to do the job? How old is the furnace? If the system has been converted, are the old systems or tanks still in place?  
Odor: Does the home smell? Can you detect what it might be and whether it could be fixed? Beware of musty odors which could signal a wet basement.

I can assist with negotiating items on an a repair list.  You do not have to fix everything and there are things we can do.  However, a buyers perception on the condition of the house can and will affect the overall sales price and whether they buy the home at all!

Be Prepared!!!

Here is a good article on that are Common Seller Repairs.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Birkdale and Birkdale Village Real Estate - Homes Sold When!?


Are you wondering what months home have closed  in Birkdale and Birkdale Village during the 1st 9 months of 2017.  Thinking of selling your Birkdale/Birkdale Village/ Huntersville home in the future.  Maybe you will find this information useful.

During 2017, here are the number of homes sold by month through September.   There have been a total of 60 homes closed so far.   As you can tell from the data below, the ideal time to sell are between March and August.    This data coincides with home sales throughout the Huntersville and Cornelius areas!

3 Homes closed in January
5 Homes closed in February
8 Homes closed in March
7 Homes Closed in April
9 Homes Closed in May
8 Homes Closed in June
8 Homes Closed in July
8 Homes Closed in August
4 Homes Closed in September

Lets look at the last quarter of 2016.  6 Homes closed during this period.

2 Homes closed in October
1 Home sold in November
3 Homes sold in December

There are currently 14 homes active for sale.
There are currently 11 homes under contract

We can assume that the 11 homes under contract will close in the last quarter of 2017.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent - Sellers

Selling Your Birkdale, Birkdale Village, Huntersville Home Video #1 - Overview


I will apologize in advance for having to make multiple videos on this subject.  There is a lot to cover. The good news is that we have moved into more of a sellers market and if you are selling your home in Birkdale, Birkdale Village or anywhere in Huntersville for that matter, your home will most likely not sit too long.

However, there is a large caveat to this and I am sure you have heard it over and over.  You  have to be realistic about price, condition and competition.    These are all things that I can assist with.

The videos will cover some things to avoid and also discuss a little bit about expectations.   Every job I have ever had, my superiors had expectations.   You have expectations of your Realtor and I feel it is important to discuss these.   While I do go over what will be done for you,  I am sure you have expectations that maybe I don't mention.  We discuss these up front.  It is my utmost desire to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible.

Real Estate transactions can be extremely emotional and I try to use everything at my disposal to help work through these.   Some of what I can do will tie back into the discussion on brokerages which I will revisit but I believe you will see how can really make the transaction become a win win for everyone!

Selling Your Birkdale, Birkdale Village, Huntersville Home Video #2 - Pricing


I am sure you have been told many times that pricing your home is the number one critical 1st step in selling your home.  This is essential to get showings and obtain the highest and best price.  There are things we can do via data and actually looking at competition to make sure we are making an informed decision.  A mistake I see is the people price there homes based on tax value and/or what they owe on the home.  This is a mistake than can cause frustration as your home sits on the market!!

Selling Your Birkdale, Birkdale Village, Huntersville Home Video #2 - Compensation


Hidden tricks of the trade.  Enjoy!

Feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Thinking of Investing in Huntersville Area Real Estate or Already Investing, check this out!


Check out video 2 (Charlotte Real Estate Investing ) below.

Are you an investor or thinking of investing in Huntersville area Real Estate to build your retirement?
We have been managing real estate for 12 years all over the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas.  We have created some helpful videos at that can provide some helpful information.

If you have questions or just want more information about the services we provide , contact us here!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent #2

Video #1 for your next Huntersville Real Estate Agent


Video #2 for your next Huntersville Real Estate Agent


These videos explain how agencies work, how they pay their agents.  If you recall in the Huntersville Real Estate agent #1, we described what the definition of a Broker is.   To remind us, It is the negotiation of a transaction on behalf another.   If you are buying and selling real estate in the Birkdale, Birkdale Village or other Huntersville areas, this video may enlighten!

To offer full disclosure these videos just touch on a couple of scenarios.  Obviously there are many many other pay scales brokerages offer and I could not mention all of those.   Why does any of this matter?   I hope it will come together in a future video.  Again, I apologize that these are broken up but the mere size of the files requires this to happen.

See Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent - Sellers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent #1


Please review the video.  This is the 1st in a series that I hope you will follow along.  If at anytime you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

If you current do not have a real estate agent for your Huntersville, Birkdale, Birkdale Village home, please take the time to evaluate this video and coming videos.   It may help with any decisions you have to make.  It is an important one.

In the meantime,  here is the virtual tour of a home I just listed in Mooresville.   If you know anyone looking in this area, the home is beautiful.

See Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent #2

Your Next Huntersville Real Estate Agent - Sellers Disclosure

In Real Estate circles the we have a phrase that we emphasize to our sellers.  It is actually very simple.  It is 3 words and they repea...