Friday, August 17, 2018

Home Prices - The Difference 5 Years Makes

More Information for our Huntersville Area Customers

 Every day, thousands of homeowners regain positive equity in their homes. You may have enough equity to sell your house and move on to your dream home.  Thinking of buying or selling real estate in the Huntersville area.  I feel certain we can help.

We believe every family should feel confident when buying and selling a home

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Is Huntersville, NC Housing Affordable

Huntersville NC Real Estate is Hot

As home prices continue to rise due to a lack of inventory, many people are becoming more concerned about housing affordability. Taking a look at NAR's Housing Affordability Index puts that concern to rest. Let's get together to go over your specific market and determine whether or not you are ready to buy today! Interest rates are around 4.5 percent. There is talk of rated going to 5.1 percent by end of year. If you are buying or selling, the time may be right.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Cost of Borrowing Across Time

HUntersville Real Estate

Some Highlights: With interest rates still around 4.5%, now is a great time to look back at where rates have been over the last 40 years. Rates are projected to climb to 5.1% by this time next year according to Freddie Mac. The impact your interest rate makes on your monthly mortgage cost is significant! …

Still sitting on the fence with buying or selling.   It is a fantastic time to purchase in the fantastic Lake Norman and Huntersville, NC areas.   I know we can help.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lock In Your Low Commission Rate Selling Your Huntersville Home

Visit Here to lock in your rate.

If you are thinking of selling, this is the perfect sellers market.   With the right agent you can sell your home fast and save money.   Lock in your rate and never have any obligation. 

As of 7/26/2018 with the last 30 days!

There are 302 homes in Huntersville on the market with an average days on the market being 44 days.

there are 162 homes in Huntersville under contract  with an average days on the market being 20 days.

There are 159 closed with an average days on the market being being 30 days and a sold price to list price ration being 98%.  These are WOW numbers and why you need to lock in your low rate.

We have lots of experience and success stories. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Are You a Real Estate Broker?

I know that Real Estate Brokers sometimes looks at other agent sites to get ideas or just to look around.   If you fall into this category, I want to relay something that I believe is very important to your business.

I have been a business owner for more than 15 years.  After working for other Brokerages early in my career, I vowed to never to it again unless the opportunity was too good to pass up. 

I believe I have been introduced to the best opportunity in the industry.   Exp Realty  They are a true cloud brokerage.   This means that they do not have the overhead of huge levels of management and large brick and mortar office buildings.   They offer true value with revenue sharing.

However, even more important than that, they offer the best tools and training I have ever seen to better serve our clients.  If you have a TRUE desire to build your business then you owe it to yourself to at least take a look.  I do not take these things lightly and I truly believe what I am say and what they have.

The best thing is that I do not lose the Brand I have worked so hard for.   We are now Carolina Living Real Estate powered by EXP.

Please take a look here  and feel fee to ask my anything!    I promise you will be impressed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Looking For A Home In Huntersville, NC

Are you looking for a centralized place to see homes for sale in Huntersville?  We have a great place for you to start looking!

According to Wikipedia:  Huntersville is a large suburban town in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, United States. A part of the Charlotte metropolitan area, the population was 46,773 at the 2010 census, and had increased to 52,704 according to the 2015 census annual estimate, making Huntersville the 17th largest municipality in North Carolina. It is located 14 mi (23 km) north of Charlotte.

Huntersville is close to everything!   Lake Norman is a very short drive with lots of boat storage options.  There are golf courses and of course there the awesome area of Birkdale and Birkdale Village.

Look no further if you are interested in any homes in the Huntersville area.  This site shows home for sale and rent in Birkdale, Birkdale Village and Northstone Country Club!

You can also bookmark these Huntersville Listings or refine the search to suit your needs and budget.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Average Home Price in Northstone is $440K. What is yours worth?

Northstone Country club in Huntersville!

Are you curious about your homes value?

You get the information Free with my new tool!   See it here

Homes are selling fast in the Huntersville area.   Northstone is right there with the activity.

If you are interested in the values now or if you want to keep up with what is going on.  All you have to do is visit here. There is never any obligation to do this!


Home Prices - The Difference 5 Years Makes

More Information for our Huntersville Area Customers  Every day, thousands of homeowners regain positive equity in their homes. You may ha...