Saturday, June 23, 2018

The High Cost of Overpricing Your Huntersville Home

The word is out - we're in a seller's market!

Lots of sellers understandably want to cash in. But one thing we're seeing in the data is a STEEP drop from the original sales price when a property doesn't sell relatively quickly.

These stats are for As you can see, the average home sold in the first week went for OVER list price. 

Sold in the first month, the seller came about $10k off the original list price. But over 2 months, and the average drop was almost $40k!

 As tempting as it might be to swing for the fences, it's important for sellers to understand that the longer their property sits, the less money they'll get (not to mention the extra holding costs).

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Just Dream and Imagine - Birkdale and Birkdale Village Home

Imagine you are buying a home in the Huntersville area and living in this awesome family active community.  From the video you can see both Birkdale and Birkdale village have active lifestyles and are a stone's throw from Lake Norman.  This area has it all.   Minutes from Charlotte and Lake Norman, seconds from the interstate with many restaurants and shops to choose from!

Also, imagine you are selling your home in this area and having a video like this one attached to the professional pictures we provide.   It will be a marketing dream for you and will set yourself apart from all the other homes in the area.   Share this with your out of town friends and family to show where you live!

This video ( except for the pictures added in front and back ) is provided by Sky Visions USA.  Check them out!!

If you are considering buying and selling in this area, contact the local expert.   Visit Roby Robertson or call 704 451 7051.  There is never any obligation...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

4 Reasons Why Today’s Huntersville Market is NOT 2006 All Over Again

With home prices rising again this year, some are concerned that we may be repeating the 2006 housing bubble that caused families so much pain when it collapsed. Today’s market is quite different than the bubble market of twelve years ago. There are four key metrics that explain why:
  1. Home Prices
  2. Mortgage Standards
  3. Mortgage Debt
  4. Housing Affordability
There is no doubt that home prices have reached 2006 levels in many markets across the country. However, after more than a decade, home prices should be much higher based on inflation alone.
Frank Nothaft is the Chief Economist for CoreLogic (which compiles some of the best data on past, current, and future home prices). Nothaft recently explained:
“Even though CoreLogic’s national home price index got to the same level it was at the prior peak in April of 2006, once you account for inflation over the ensuing 11.5 years, values are still about 18% below where they were.” (emphasis added)

You can read the entire article from Roby Robertson courtesy of Simplifying the Market!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

VERY excited things to come to Birkdale and Birkdale Village Residents

Good Morning everyone.   Please, Please be on the lookout for my next post.   I am having a marketing video created that will ultimately be attached your listing when we go to sell it.  I know that is presumptuous but I am hoping you will call me once you see it.

We are using a Helicopter and Drones to help show the benefits and lifestyle associated with living in the Birkdale and Birkdale Village areas. 

I am sure you will be as excited and impressed as I am with your ability to show off where you live!!



Saturday, May 12, 2018

It's a Sellers Market, Save Money

Sorry but I do not have $2,000,000 to give.   BUT,  if you are thinking of selling your Huntersville home, let me help you save money.  It IS a Sellers Market,  Homes are flying off the shelves and while you need representation, you can get very professional help at a lower cost,  Guaranteed!

On this website can see ALL the active listings in Birkdale, Birkdale Village, Northstone and Mcauley in real time.  

Services Offered to you:

Drone photos if needed Professional Photographs of your home
Management of key dates and challenging negotiations
Answer your calls in a timely manner.
So MUCH more….( just ask it does not cost anything)

Roby Robertson ( – 704-451-7051
Carolina Living Real Estate 704 594-3014
16507A Northcross Dr.  Huntersville, NC 28078

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How Much Has Your Home Increased in Value In The Last Year

Read the Rest of the Article at Real Estate With Roby

Home values have risen dramatically over the last twelve months. In CoreLogic’s most recent Home Price Index Report, they revealed that national home prices have increased by 6.7% year-over-year.
CoreLogic broke down appreciation even further into four price ranges, giving us a more detailed view than if we had simply looked at the year-over-year increases in national median home price.
The chart in the complete article shows the four price ranges from the report, as well as each one’s year-over-year growth from February 2017 to February 2018 (the latest data available)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thinking of Selling? Why You Need A Pro!

Thinking of Selling Your Huntersville Home

With home prices on the rise and buyer demand strong, some sellers may be tempted to try and sell their homes on their own (FSBO) without using the services of a real estate professional.

Real estate agents are trained and experienced in negotiation and, in most cases, the seller is not. Sellers must realize that their ability to negotiate will determine whether or not they get the best deal for themselves and their families.

We can help and we can also save you money.  Statistic show that using a professional will net you more money and alleviate stress in the process! 

You can read the entire article here!

The High Cost of Overpricing Your Huntersville Home

The word is out - we're in a seller's market! Lots of sellers understandably want to cash in. But one thing we're seeing in t...