Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Feb 2018 Current Activity for Birkdale and Birkdale Village - You can Save $$

Some Statistics from your Next Huntersville Agent

Currently there are 5 active homes in Birkdale and Birkdale Village.  The average list price is approx. $389,000!   The average days on the market is 67 days.   I believe the reason for the days on the market was that they were listed during the holidays which historically have been slow for real estate sales.

There are currently 6 homes under contract.  The average list price of these homes is approximately $400,000.    The average days on the market is 80 days.   One thing about that number is that one of the homes was on the market 276 days which throw those averages high.  3 of these homes sold in less that a week!

The market is ready for YOUR house if that is your intention.

You may be reading this because it states above, you can Save $$.   I provide full service from professional photos to negotiations and you do not have to pay 6% to get it.   As a matter of fact NEVER pay 6% again.  People ask me how I can afford to do this.   I am happy to explain how in a 1-1 conversation.  It makes logical sense to me and will be to you too!

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